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Let Us Pray For the Water Between Us - 2020.
2200 gallon polyethylene hazmat chemical storage container, brushless linear motor,
leather mallet, wood, steel, aircraft cable, algorithmic composition.
Commissioned by Minneapolis Institute of Art,
Installation view,
Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN.

Let Us Pray For the Water Between Us is a site-specific installation responding to the forced displacement of Indigenous communities and the complexity of human relationships bound by shared sources of water that are increasingly difficult to protect and preserve from waste and contamination. For this imposing work Postcommodity transforms a 2200 gallon chemical storage tank, primarily used for industrial farming, into a self-playing percussive and resonant instrument. The collective modifies a venerated place designed to secure cultural objects representing the Western, Judeo-Christian, scientific worldview by removing the resident Greek sculpture Doryphoros and additional artifacts. By altering the purpose of the rotunda, Postcommodity has prepared a new contemporary context better suited to its indigenous voice.  The shifted rotunda presents a symbolic upending of the white European foundations of the museum and seeks to forcibly dismantle the institutional structures that have excluded or objectified indigenous peoples and their cultures. Let Us Pray For the Water Between Us acknowledges and honors, through living breathing sound, the role of indigenous tribes as important stewards of water, air and land in Minnesota and throughout the Americas.  It is a prayer for greater respect, accountability and transparency among state and federal governments, and corporations to tribal governments, and communities around the appropriate management of our shared natural resources.