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Do You Remember When? – 2012.
Site-specific intervention and mixedmedia installation (cut concrete, exposed earth, light, sound).
Installation view, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 18th Biennale of Sydney.
YouTube Videos 1, 2, and 3

The hole and exposed earth of Do You Remember When? becomes a spiritual, cultural and physical portal – a point of transformation between worlds – from which emerges an Indigenous worldview engaging a discourse on sustainability. The block of concrete on the pedestal – the foundation of the institution constructed on top of aboriginal lands – functions as a trophy celebrating Indigenous intervention in opposition to a Western scientific worldview. The closed-circuit generative audio broadcast of songs and animal calls performed by members of local communities that are part of the aboriginal peoples of Sydney provides the psychosocial soundtrack of the transformation process. The work shifts the sustainability from a focus dominated by Western science to a balanced approach inclusive of Indigenous knowledge systems.