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Dreams, Blessings and Memories - 2021.
Wall text in charcoal powder, performance score, sound.
Náhuatl translation by Delfina De la Cruz and Ofelia Cruz Morales,
Audio Recording by Ofelia Cruz Morales,
Installation view: Time Holds All The Answers, Curated by Dr. Gerald McMaster
Remai Modern Museum, Saskatoon, SK.
Photos by Blaine Campbell, Courtesy Remai Modern Museum.

Dreams, Blessings and Memories is a text and sound installation that addresses destructive labour practices within the military-agricultural complex. The piece is generated from a Postcommodity poem and realized in Náhautl, the language spoken by Nahua people, primarily in what is now known as central Mexico. The text itself was applied by museum staff in accordance with a series of performance protocols for installing the poem in good faith.

In the poem, Postcommodity reflect on the farmworkers’ movement also known as “La Causa” in California’s San Joaquin Valley, and the role that Indigenous farm labourers play in the food industry. Working on mega farms in Mexico, the US and Canada, these labourers, contrary to their human rights, are historically reported to have been exposed to toxic fertilizers and pesticides in order to produce crops.

The text component of Dreams, Blessings and Memories is installed on the exterior wall of the Feature Gallery on Level 3.
The sound component of Dreams, Blessings and Memories is installed in the restrooms on Level 3.