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Elders First - 2021.
Multi-channel Video and Sound,
Commissioned by Remai Modern Museum,
Installation view: Time Holds All The Answers, Curated by Dr. Gerald McMaster
Remai Modern Museum, Saskatoon, SK.
Photos by Blaine Campbell, Courtesy Remai Modern Museum.

Elders First is generated from source material collected from online advertising, stock footage, scientific research, and social media. This installation speaks to a stage of human life in which older adults are suspended by an evolving market of goods and services. These products and messages are driven by scientific data, while driving anxieties related to memory, isolation, values, regret, abuse, and physical performance.

The sound composition is inspired by chirping feedback produced by hearing aids, and includes various sounds of tinnitus, such as the experience of ringing or sloshing in the ears, which can be associated with hearing loss.