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From Smoke and Tangled Waters We Carried Fire Home - 2018.
Sculptural graphic score for solo jazz performance.
Steel, coal, glass. 3200 sq feet.
Commissioned by the 57th Carnegie International
Winner of the 2018 Fine Prize
Installation views and performance, Hall of Scultpure,
Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA.
Photos by Bryan Conley, Courtesy of the 57th Ed. Carnegie International

From Smoke and Tangled Waters We Carried Fire Home is a sculptural graphic score for solo jazz performance that honors the legacy of African American self-determination in Pittsburgh. By connecting the material of local industry with indigenous sand painting traditions, and the cultural traditions of Black liberation and revolution within the imagined colonial space, Postcommodity invokes the transformative ruptures of the Underground Railroad, the Great Migration, the rise of organized Black labor, and the birth of the Pittsburgh jazz sound, for radical reflection, healing, and regeneration. From earth, to material, to sacrifice, to liberation and revolutionary cultural expression, the African American community of Pittsburgh will always be self-determined and venerated. Over the course of the 57th Carnegie International, From Smoke and Tangled Waters We Carried Fire Home was performed at 1PM every Thursday though Sunday. Postcommodity would like to sincerely thank the Afro-American Music Institute and the jazz and creative music communities of Pittsburgh for sharing this spirit with the world for six months.