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We Lost Half the Forest and the Rest Will Burn This Summer

Combining Western classical instruments and performers with their own Southwestern-rasquache electronics, Postcommodity's third full-length release is a 16-song concept album recounting the ever-cycling decay of a desert drought from the view of its flora and fauna. Trumpets, bass drums, strings, piano and voices dirge through the only path to the end. Jackets printed and embossed with ash. Limited to 200 copies.

released 02 May 2015

All songs by Nathan Young, Kade Twist, Cristobal Martinez and Raven Chacon
With Marc Sabat on Violin
Nico Dann on Percussion
Cecilia Bercovich on Viola
Achiya Asher Cohen Alloro on Piano
Aaron Bannerman on Trumpet
Dory Hayley and Ilana Dann on Voice
Mastered By James Plotkin
Cover Design By Sebastien Aubin
Insert Printing By Jacob Meders
Pcp#2 Sssk#64
Recorded By Alejandro Goldstein, Jon Kaspy and Postcommodity at Banff Center For The Arts Winter 2015

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RPM: "Postcommodity is back with a snarling new album of decay, decomposition, and cyclical review."
Tiny Mix Tapes: "We Lost Half the Forest and the Rest Will Burn This Summer"

Your New Age Dream Contains More Blood Than You Imagine

From the Anarchymoon label - two long sides in this session of hunting songs by Postcommodity, the avant-garde true-native ensemble of Raven Chacon (KILT/Death Convention Singers), Cristóbal Martínez, Kade L. Twist, and Nathan Young (Ajilvsga / Alms). using hand-made instruments made of bone and skin, junk metal, voice, and choice electronics in spare amount, "Your New Age Dream Contains More Blood Than You Imagine" traces a sonic arc through the chase of hunted animals, and the movement of blood and spirit in the midst of industrial and cultural collapse. it is a stark and spirited statement of remaining free within growing technological fetishism, intellectual slavery, and the continuing curse of colonialism in America and greater capitalist culture, a light in the heart of the dark Southwest. screen-printed glue-pocket LP jackets, printed labels. limited edition of 200 copies.

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The Contour 2011 Sound + Vision LP: Piles of Cougar Pelts

A limited edition vinyl LP record is now available to coincide with the exhibition Sound & Vision: Crossroads. The Contour 2011 Sound + Vision LP is co-published by Plug In Editions and Contour vzw, Mechelen, Belgium. This LP features tracks by artists not available any where else including: Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Chicks on Speed, Pierre Bismuth, Edith Dekyndt, Cory Arcangel, Club Moral, Postcommodity and more. Tracks curated by Anthony Kiendl.

Side A
Lee Ranaldo Sight Unseen Excerpt (Brion Gysin and Carl Fredrik Reutersward) 10’34” (Edited by Lee Ranaldo, Lecce, Italy, July 2011).
Club Moral Bodies 5’22” (Vocals Danny Devos, Electronics: Anne-Mie Van Kerckhven, Drums: Mauro Pawlowski, Bass: Aldo Struyf, Lyrics by Erik Vloeberghs, Recorded and mixed by Pascal Deweze.
Chicks on Speed The Never Ending Pursuit of Happiness 6’24” (Written and recorded by Alex Murray-Leslie, Melissa Logan, Timor Litzenberger at the artist residency Naustruch, L’Estruch, Sabadell, Spain).
Vom Grill and Remork Gargles from Ipanema (part 4) 2’10” (Vocals Denis Tyfus, Bontempi: Kris Delacourt).
Cory Arcangel message my brother justin left me on my cell from the slayer concert last week 2’27” (2004).

Side B
Edith Dekyndt The Painter’s Enemy: Rosa Rosaceae 9’26” (Composition: Edith Dekyndt & Laurent Dailleau, Music: Laurent Dailleau).
Postcommodity Excerpt from Pile of Cougar Pelts 6’54” (Recorded live, Santa Fe, 10 June 2011).
Lazyblood Volcanoes & Babies 3’05” (Music and lyrics by Lazyblood).
Pierre Bismuth 1956 Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock cover version by Melodyne 2’49”.
Printed and pressed in edition of 500 in Amsterdam, this album will not be re-printed. The plastic sleeve is hand silk-screened with award winning design by Joris Kritis and Julie Peeters (Belgium).
Cover image: contre-jour my Leah Singer. Back cover courtesy collection Joseph Plateau, History of Sciences Museum Ghent.
Co-published by Contour vzw and Plug In Editions.

Postcommodity – Excerpt from Piles of Cougar Pelts by RPMfm and featured on the Contour 2011 Sound + Vision LP
This excerpt from Piles of Cougar Pelts was recorded live at the Santa Fe Art Institute, June 2001 Santa Fe.

Postcommodity + Magor

Recorded in Mutišov at 12/05/2007. While exhibiting their work in the Czech Republic, Postcommodity was introduced to Ivan Martin Jirous, also known as Magor, who was a legend of the Czech Underground. Jirous was imprisoned several times during the 1970s and 1980s for his cultural activities, spending a total of eight and half years behind bars. After the collapse of the communist regime, he became a recognized and respected representative of Czech literature. He was awarded the Jaroslav Seifert Prize in 2006 for his literary achievements. This document is a collaboration of voice and noise between Magor and Postcommodity, and its book remains the only English translation of Magor's poems.

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