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My Blood is in the Water – 2010.
Mixed-media installation, sculpture with sound.
(mule deer taxidermy, wood poles, water, amplifier, drum).
Dimensions variable: Structure: 15’ height, 10’x10’ base; taxidermy 70” long; drum 36” tall, 22” diameter.
Detail of Pueblo drum, Installation View, and Detail of Mule Deer.

P’oe iwe naví ûnp’oe dînmuu (My Blood is in the Water) was a commissioned Indigenous response to Santa Fe’s 400th anniversary memorializing the mule deer as a spiritual mediator of the landscape and pays tribute to the traditional processes through which Indigenous people put food on the table. My Blood is in the Water is a counter-metaphor critquing the dominant culture’s process of commoditization, demand/supply and convenience. The work functions as a semiotic vehicle of continuity, connecting past and present through uninterrupted processes of Indigenous culture and community attached to this landscape. With blood dripping from the hanging deer carcass onto the amplified Pueblo drum, the piece becomes an ephemeral time-keeping instrument relaying the history and intonation of this land.