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Radiophonic Territory (Nocturne) – 2011.
Sound installation, social collaboration and performance. Duration: 12 hours.
Stereo FM transmitter, radio reciever, audio transducers, natural fiber rope.

Radiophonic Territory (Nocturne) is a large-scale architectural sound installation activated by socially collaborative performance, resulting in a continuously evolving dialogical feedback loop. The installation is comprised of suspended natural fiber ropes woven into a three-dimensional Iroquoian geometric pattern. The ropes are activated with tonal vibrations at multiple points generated by transducers translating signal from the live FM broadcast of a 12-hour radio play. The play, which is performed through a variety of socially collaborative processes involving theatrical performance, readings, story telling, dance and music, provides a complex metanarrative exploring the complexities of the contemporary colonial landscape. As the ropes are activated, they generate multi- filtered oscillations that are processed through piezo microphones and amplifiers (causing a rich interplay of drones to resonate within the architectural space), then mixed with the originating broadcast signal and re-broadcast, in real time, back out to the community. The goal of the work is to is to bring the Indigenous and non-Indigenous community of Toronto together in a spirit of harmony, balance and shared experience, unifying multiple voices into a singularly focused sonification mediated by the sound installation, resulting in a beautiful, oscillating tone with physical, spiritual and auditory resonance.