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Some Reach While Others Clap - 2020.
Steel I-Beam Supports, Car Paint, Aluminum, and Velvet Fabric
Commissioned by LAXArt
Installation views,
LAXArt, Los Angeles, CA.
Photos courtesy of LAXArt

Since their inception Lowriders have been Indigenous American mobile sovereign spaces that broadcast visual and sonic knowledge. At LAXART, Postcommodity will call upon this history to create it’s newly commissioned work titled, Some Reach While Others Clap . For this work, the collective will focus on the support beams of the gallery, the structural bones of the building, as a metaphor acknowledging Indigenous Americans as the historical and current foundation of Los Angeles, CA. Postcommodity will collaborate with Starlite Rod & Kustom and it’s network of lowrider builders, painters, pragmatists, and visionaries to transform the gallery and its structural i-beams into a Indigenous American space, where its sovereignty of context is rendered for a constellation of codices that convey migrating stories about tribal affiliations, history, cultural self-determination, and prophecy. At the end of the exhibition the name of the work will change to "In Relation," at which point the beams will be ceremoniously covered with the sculptures arranged on the gallery floor. Every year thereafter the beams will be uncovered for the Winter Solstice and indigneous people in Los Angeles will gather at the gallery for dialogues.