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The Point of Final Collapse - 2019.
San Francisco Art Institute,
San Francisco, CA.
2 Channel Hyperdirectional Sound Installation
Installation View and Millenium Tower Illustration

The Point of Final Collapse is a sound installation and broadly conceptual work that focuses on the sinking Millennium Tower, responding to a scenario of capitalism contributing to the development of new conceptual frameworks of risk and accountability — as a building falls, its value rises. Postcommodity will engage the perspectives of a broad public by providing a call to prayer for relief from the economic stresses and dangers of a city in the throws of radical social, cultural, architectural, and economic transformation.

The installation uses computational algorithms that parse data representing the movement of the tower. This movement data is then mapped to healing ASMR audio and soothing binaural beats, transforming the sonification of the sinking and tilting of the Millennium Tower into therapeutic sounds designed to encourage relaxation by extending the power of the city’s scenic beauty. Long Range Acoustic Devices, installed in the tower at San Francisco Art Institute’s (SFAI) historic Chestnut Street Campus, will subtly broadcast this indeterminate and generative multichannel sound composition to North Beach and downtown San Francisco for a 4-minute duration each day at 5:01 pm. The Point of Final Collapse renders legible thelogics of capitalism, which encode fear, desire, and the inability for the greater public to rationalize and control systems of power.