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Worldview Manipulation Therapy – 2009.
Multichannel video, sound and mixed-media installation. Duration: 12 Hours.
Installation views, The Ice House, Phoenix, AZ.

Worldview Manipulation Therapy draws upon the ephemeral, transformative and esoteric aspects of tribal ceremonies — central to the Indigenous worldview — as a means of examining contemporary postcolonial tensions driven by globalization and neoliberalism. The centerpiece is a sculptural graphic score that articulated the sonic feedback and performance accompanying the installation through traditional tribal geometries. The materials used to create the sculptural graphic score informed the re-imagined ceremony. Coal is symbolic of the destructive extraction of fossil fuels from tribal lands. Salt is symbolic of tribal salt migration pathways that have been eliminated by development. Rock from the dead Gila River, run dry by the demands of unsustainable population- growth.